Employee Center

Quality Temporaries

We at Staff Sense realize to keep our clients business, we must provide employees who are reliable, dependable and qualified for each position. Therefore, Staff Sense strives to match the right person, to the right job, the first time!

  1. We prescreen each potential employee over the phone prior to a personal interview to begin determining the competence of that applicant. An appointment is then set for a personal interview.
  2. Once the screening is done, a personal one-on-one interview is conducted and then a “conscious hiring decision” is made. Not every person who applies at Staff Sense is hired.
  3. We check the two most recent references to insure quality, honesty and stability.
  4. Customized testing and orientations can be administered to our employees to satisfy our client’s needs.

Drug Testing

We arrange for drug testing at the request of our clients, and have an account set up with a certified drug testing service.

Our account is set up with Chem Check Co, Inc. It is a urine test that screens for five (5) different drugs. Normally, we receive the results back within twenty-four (24) hours. Chem Check are NIDA approved, which enables them to perform any federally mandated drug screens.

Criminal Background Checks

As a part of our screening process, we do criminal background checks on all our employees. We have contracted with Criminal 411 Services to check our employees’ background directly from our office. This information gives us types of charges, court disposition, and sentencing information nationwide.

Workers’ Compensation

Staff Sense employees are insured with Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance. A copy of our Certificate of Insurance is available at your request.

Right to Control Work

Staff Sense reserves the right to direct and control the work of the temporary employees, and retains the right to hire, fire, and reassign the temporary employees as needed.

Safety Policy

To provide a safe work environment for our employees and yours it is important for us to have a mutual understanding of safety practices and on-the-job injury procedures with our customers.

Our General Policies are as Follows:

  • Orient and train our employees in all safety, hazardous communication, and operational instructions in the same manner as your employees, as required by your policies.
  • Allow our employees to work only on jobs for which they have been assigned and trained. Report any variance to our office before work begins.
  • Require all our employees to wear all appropriate safety equipment.
  • Notify us immediately in the event of an accident or injury of one of our employees.
  • Allow a qualified representative of our company to obtain a report after an accident or injury to determine proper disposition of possible claims.


Staff Sense pays our employees weekly. Our week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Wages are paid the following Thursday. Payroll checks can be delivered to our employees at the client site at a designated time.

Staff Sense offers Group Timesheets to be completed by the client, or Individual Timesheets to be completed by employee and signed by the client. All time is due in our office no later than Monday by noon for processing of payroll.